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Luxury kind relaxation box

Luxury kind relaxation box

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Perfect luxury gift box to embody kindness and relaxation. 

Hand-made to order.

Each hand packaged gift box includes:

Luxury Norfolk Natural Living Pillow Mist

The perfect addition to your bed time routine, this deepest sleep pillow mist from Norfolk Natural Living is a beautiful blend of 100% pure essential oils, designed to help you relax and prepare for sleep. With both Lavender and Orange notes it is a delightfully light fragrance, proven to help send you off to a deep dreamless sleep.

Norfolk Natural Living Bath Foam

Bath Foam from Norfolk Natural Living is a sumptuous indulgence designed to relax and restore your mind and body after a deliciously sensuous bath.   Sink into the delicate essential oil infused bubbles and allow the fragrance to lift your spirits.  A truly indulgent addition to your daily cleansing rituals.

To use, simply pour a little of our indulgent bath foam under a warm running tap, climb into your bubble filled bath and lie back. 

Norfolk Natural Living Bath Soak

Delightful melody of salts - Magnesium, Epsom and Himalayan designed to detox, relax and unwind your body.

Water therapy is an ancient practice that has been enjoyed for centuries, for its wellbeing benefits. A generous sprinkle of the bath salts elevates any evening to a truly indulgent experience.

Simply add a generous sprinkle of the delicately scented bath soak into a warm bath, lie back and take three deep breaths. Sultry notes of essentials oils fill the air, to help you truly relax. 

Orchard Candle Company mini tin

Hand poured sleep candle made from a soothing blend of French Lavender, chamomile and vanilla bean.

All gift wrapped by hand with sustainable packaging and beautiful dried flowers.

Want to swap something? That’s fine too. Every box is handmade to order, so drop me a message with anything you’d like to add or change.




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