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Face Yoga Flash Cards

Face Yoga Flash Cards

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Revolutionary Face Yoga Flashcards are the perfect addition to your daily skincare and yoga routine!

With these flashcards, you can enjoy a non-invasive way to improve your skin, tone your muscles, and boost your circulation.

Each card features a different face yoga exercise, and you can create your own sequence by mixing and matching the cards.


It is great for complete beginners or someone who just needs a little nudge to do it or when you don’t want to think about what to do. Just grab the cards and pick a few and get going!


Your personalised routine can take you from 1 minute to just 30 minutes a day to achieve a younger, healthier-looking complexion.


1 card = 1 exercise = max. 1 minute


Each card shows you which area of the face the exercise is for.


For a better understanding of the exercise, scan the QR code and watch a short "how to" video.


Large prints - 110 mm x 155 mm


It is a tool for life.


Practising is the key, and consistency is king. Do it every day!


    • Create your own sequence. Select 1, 10 or all 30 cards to create your routine for the day.
    • Tool for life! You don`t need expensive tools to take care of your skin. Your hands are enough
    • Video for each exercise to show you exactly how to do it. Just scan the QR code on each card.
    • Benefits for each exercise are on the individual cards.
    • Each card show you which part of your face the exercise is for.
    • Not your standard card size but larger, so you can practice without your glasses on. 11cm x 15cm



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